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Business Integrator Online

Absa’s Business Integrator Online combines end-to-end online financial management solutions that can be customised to suit your company’s specific cash management needs, giving you the freedom to manage your finances from wherever you are.

This is a perfect web based banking application for you and your business, if you’d like to automatically process large volumes of payments and obtain real-time financial information for effective decision-making. This online electronic tool allows you to utilise business funds more effectively and improve the effectiveness of your staff while lowering the risk of error. It will improve reconciliation processes and allow for the initiation of international trade, treasury and cross-border cash management transactions. Business Integrator ensures you have peace of mind whilst maintaining the highest levels of security.

This is ideal for your business, if you’d like

  • A secure web based application which allows direct access to internet banking
  • To determine which connectivity option suits your business
  • To set multiple levels of flexible security and enable the easy segregation of duties in the online environment
  • Real-time financial information for effective decision-making
  • The option to transfer funds between your business accounts
  • The ability to automatically process large volumes of payments to beneficiary accounts
  • To transfer funds easily between your own and other beneficiary accounts
  • To obtain real-time financial information for effective decision-making
  • To utilise and control your funds more effectively
  • To lower the risk of error
  • To improve your business’s reconciliation processing by decreasing the turnaround time between initiating financial transactions and their payment reconciliation
  • To implement flexible solutions to cater for your business needs
  • The flexibility of extended banking hours
  • The capability to manage and control international financial transactions
Did You Know?
You can now send a Payment Confirmation or proof of payment to a beneficiary and/or yourself on conclusion of a successful payment via Fax, Email or SMS. Log on to Business Integrator Online and take a look at the Notifications Tab: Payment Confirmations for more information.

What facilities does Business Integrator offer?
  • Business Integrator Online: an internet-based service that enables you to perform automated payments, collections and administration processes via one simple and secure system. The key features include the ability to:
    • Pull balance enquiries
    • Download electronic statements
    • Transfer funds between own bank accounts
    • Create and process online payment batches
    • Review and manage account information
    • Trace transactions
    • Sweep between your business’s linked accounts
    • Set off amounts between your business’s accounts
    • Stop cheques and do cheque authorisation instructions
    • Import and process payments and collections
  • Deposit identifier that forces the reference field to be populated in the correct format. This allows for the identification of payments made into the receiving account, and the ability to get an accurate reflection of the sources of all deposits
  • Verified payments is a multi-channel offering where the reference number is pre-verified against a live database before the payment is processed
  • Business Integrator Mailbox so you can effect debit or credit batch transactions via BankServ
  • Business Integrator Host-to-Host that gives you a secure environment for the processing of bulk transactions from your systems into the Absa and BankServ systems for a number of services
  • Business Integrator International Solutions: an electronic delivery system that gives you access to international trade, treasury and cross-border cash management products, allowing you to initiate trade finance transactions electronically within a secure environment


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