Merchant Acquiring Services

Offering you options ranging from point - of - sale terminals and mobile payment devices to secure payment  mechanisms and gift cards.

Your Relationship Executive is responsible for your overall banking relationship with Absa, and will determine your business needs to provide tailored financial solutions.

Merchant Acquiring Services include:

Merchant Reconciliation File
Access a reconciliation file daily, either by host - to - host or Web link. This will enable you to perform detailed, time-saving reconciliation of all card transactions processed.

Merchant e-Commerce
Together with our carefully selected e-Commerce service providers, we have developed a secure payments mechanism for our cardholders and merchants trading online.

Active Merchant Point of Sale Terminal
Absa's point - of - sales (POS) terminals are technologically superior, fully-functional payment aids. Among other benefits, these devices accept all major debit and credit cards, and dispense virtual vouchers and cheque referrals.

A battery-operated and GPRS mobile device, your point - of - sale can literally be anywhere your client may be. It is fully certified to process all card transactions, including EMV chip cards.

Mobile Pay Express
Process credit card payments within seconds by simply using your cellphone, landline or Web-enabled computer.

Ideal if you need to process credit card payments in Batches. Recurring transactions can  be processed either by host - to - host link or via the Web.

E-Top Up
Through Absa's partnership with Autopage Cellular, you can enable your clients to purchase cellular airtime as virtual vouchers through our point - of - sales terminals.

Gift Card
As a replacement to gift vouchers, this options allows retailers to design and issue cards to customers, at any time, at any location and for any value.

Did You Know?
With Absa Working Capital each solution is tailor-made according to your unique cash-flow needs.

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