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Protect yourself – be alert when banking online

Avoid identity theft

Keep your personal information as secure as possible to avoid being a victim of identity theft

ABSA Rewards scam

Fraudulent emails are being sent to our clients claiming that they should redeem their Absa Rewards of a specific value. Please delete these emails without taking any other action as it is a phishing scam. (Do not download any attachments)

Microsoft refund scam

Fraudsters posing as Microsoft representatives contact the victim, informing them of a supposed security threat for which they have to do a software security update or similar intervention.

Twin SIM scam

Be aware and pay special attention to all messages received from your Network Service Provider regarding Twin SIM functionality.

Scams that look like eStatements

An email scam is doing the rounds requesting customers to "FICA" their accounts

Porting your number

Watch out for this cellphone scam that enables fraudsters to port your number and gain access to your accounts

SIM Swaps

With the latest spike in SIM swap fraud, make sure you take all the precautions you can to avoid becoming a victim

SARS refund scam warning

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has warned taxpayers to be wary of an email scam using the SARS logo to defraud people. 

How to recognise a phishing scam

Don’t be caught out! Find out what you need to look out for to avoid becoming a victim of phishing scams. This video explains what Phishing is, how it is done and how not to fall prey

Phishing Scams

Some criminals will go to amazing lengths to steal your money – but the more aware you are, the less likely it will be that you will fall prey to internet or email phishing scams.

Latest Cellphone Banking Scam

Watch out for this cellphone scam that enables fraudsters to conduct a SIM swop and gain access to your accounts

Vishing Scams

Phone based phishing scams that try to catch you off-guard - voice phishing

Security Update

In line with our quest to provide our customers with secure and convenient access to our services, we will be updating our current RVN/TVN authentication process and replacing it with a new service called SureCheck

Immediate interbank payment (IIP) Changes

Absa Online customers have the option of making immediate interbank payments, which make immediate payments possible to accounts at other financial institutions.

Important message from sars

SARS has changed the payment reference number (PRN) that must be captured for all SARS tax payments.

The CAPTCHA added to the logon screen

A new security feature has been added to the logon process for Absa Online (AOL).

No more direct debits on eFiling

SARS has discontinued the functionality to pay via the debit order service.

Change to the logon portlet

There has been a slight change in the design of the logon portlet (the little block where you click to logon to the secure section of the site).

SARS announcement

Please note that SARS requires all financial institutions to report on all debit & credit interest earned

Absa's Online Security Measures

Absa Online utilises a number of security mechanisms to increase your online banking security to prevent online identity theft and other online fraud threats.

Latest email phishing scam – be extra vigilant

As consumers become savvier about phishing scams and protecting their personal information online, fraudsters become more and more devious in a desperate attempt to catch you out – and are now creating new email scams that are indistinguishable from valid bank communications.

Protect Yourself Online

There are a number of security measures that you can practice whenever you use the internet for online banking or shopping to ensure that you are not the victim of internet fraudsters.

Online Shopping and 3D Secure

We are proud to introduce a more secure online shopping experience for you! No up-front registration is required when shopping online at a 3D Secure merchant and no username and password to remember anymore. You will now receive a One-Time-Password (OTP) that will only be valid for one transaction when shopping at a 3D Secure merchant, protecting your Absa Card against fraudulent online use.

Spyware Warning

Computers and the internet are an integral part of our personal lives and the running of our businesses - which means that it has become increasingly important to understand the threats that we face when we interact online. 

Don’t be a victim of Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated as fraudsters will stop at nothing to steal your money. Don’t be caught out and always keep these tips in mind

Malware: What it is and how to protect yourself

Malicious software used to disrupt computer operation

ATM Security

When you complete your banking transactions at any of our 7 000 Absa ATMs in South Africa, always ensure that you remain alert and vigilant while at an ATM so that you don’t become a victim of fraud or crime.

Carrying cash

The South African Banking Risk Identification Centre (SABRIC) provides some valuable tips on how to carry cash safely and avoid being a victim of cash robberies.

Cards with a Chip and PIN

No matter where you live, fraud is a reality – which is why you need to ensure that all the possible precautions you can take to ensure that you bank and transact safely are in place. One of these precautions that are implemented by Absa is the chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number) system for your card.

Bank Card Security

Credit, cheque and debit cards can be used in a number of locations for a wide range of purchases, offering wonderful convenience and choice; and in order to protect yourself from potential card skimming and cloning, it is crucial to apply caution when using such cards.

419 Scams

If you receive an email with an offer that seems too good to refuse, it probably is a 419 scam.

Card Skimming

Card skimming happens in the blink of an eye – ensure that you can always see your card when transacting.


You can go paperless and receive your statement via email – which is accessible via password.

Cheque security

A cheque, a written instruction to your bank to pay money out of your account, is a handy way to make payments without the use of cash; however, you should be aware of security measures to take when handling cheques.

Travelling internationally

To minimise risk and still cover your expenses, while you travel internationally, we recommend that your travel allowance be split across cash, a Cash Passport, and a credit card (where possible).

eStatements and phishing

We are all aware that, at any given time, there are a number of phishing scams circulating by way of email and SMS. 

Phishing Scams

Some criminals will go to amazing lengths to steal your money – but the more aware you are, the less likely it will be that you will fall prey to internet or email phishing scams.


When making CashSend payments for goods and services via Internet or Cellphone Banking, or at an ATM or self service kiosk, it is important to confirm the validity of what you are about to pay for.

Mobile security

With the convenience of cellphone banking comes the responsibility of ensuring the security of your account.

App security

Make sure you bank safely on your mobile device

Antivirus software

To help you protect yourself when you bank digitally, we offer free antivirus software to all our individual Absa Online and Cellphone Banking customers.

Online Fraud – New Trojan Threat impacting the Global Banking industry

Recently the banking industry has been made aware of a new form of Trojan virus that is compromising clients’ online banking security credentials.

Business fraud warning

Have you been asked to change the bank details for a client/ supplier? This may be an attempt to defraud you.

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